Saturday 8 August 2015

8 August 2015

There is a morning glory at the park near the beach (which I mentioned in the previous blog).

It streaches bluish petals strongly in the morning as if it uses all the energy it has.  Some time only one flower blooms, and the other time many do.  Every time when when I pass the street by jogging, I think if I will see the flowers again tomorrow.
As the morning glory, we live each day.


Sunday 2 August 2015

2 August 2015

During summer, each weekend lots of people come to the beach near my house.  Beach houses, which serves food & drinks and provide shade and shower, appear only this time of the year.  Young men and women, children are under parasol, on flowters, expresse themselves in a space that is, prpbably, out of their normal daily life.  The scene look so shiny, full of fan but also nostalgic.
On a peripheral of the beach, there is a space separated by wall.  This is not a pribate house but a public park.  The park has a small maritime museum and gazebos, but nothing else which is spectaclular.  Becouse of that (?), there are few people.  Today I spent couple of hours on a table in a gazebo in this park, reading, writing and configurating thoughts.  The tranquility and the near-but-away-from-the-major-world feeling gave me a perfect state of peace in my mind.
I have been a person who can't follow the norm of the society.  I have been always looking for a space I can feel confortable.  That's OK.  If you can believe and if you are little creative, you can find the palce that accomodates you.
The summer is passing.


Monday 20 July 2015

20 July 2015

The three-day weekend comes to an end.  I wasn's so active during this time.  It has been hot and sunny summer days, and people has been on leisure mood, so its better to avide these hustles and bustles.  In fact, I haven't taken rest fully, since I took my new job at the biggining of March.  I needed time to recover mentally na dphysically.  Lots of reading and some writing.  Sleeping, washing cloths and cleaning house too.  It's like I did nothing but everything I needed to prepare for the coming months.
In the evening I went to a small bar near the beach and took so wine.  People come to the beach from Tokyo for holiday.  I live here and commute Tokyo for work.  I like this lifestyle.  Not bad.  The owner of the bar called me, "Look, the sunset is so beautiful!"

Sunday 19 July 2015

19 July 2015

A parcel has arrived from Spain.  It was a book titled "Rumbo a Una Vida Mejor" by Jorge Bucay.  Bucay is a author introduced by my friend in Barcelona.  The contents seems so meaningful.  I wonder if a language is designed to express certain elements better than the other languages?  The topics of Bucay's book are la vida, el amor, las familias, las felicidades etc.  Of cource these concepts can be translated into other languages such as English or Japanse though, they seem to fit well expressed in Spanish.  Isn't it interesting?  I am exited to start to read this book.

Sunday 12 July 2015

12 July 2015

In the late afternoon, I went to a chilinguito (beach house) at the beach near my house, tool a bottle of ginger ale and read a book.  At the moment, I have been reading "One Girl, One Dream" by Laura Dekker.  Laura circumnavigated the world by her yacht called Guppy adn made the record of youngest sailer who did the solo round the world.  The weather is lovely.  People look young and healthey.  It looks ordinal but special.

11 July 2015

I had a chance to go on a cruise on a sailing.  The Japan Saling Federation invided people to experience yachting at the sea near my house.  I have been on a yacht a couiple of times before though, it is alswasys nice to get on a boat.  Seeing the land, which we live everyday, from off shore is like ovserving our lives objectively.  It is so precious and relaxing.

Sunday 1 March 2015

Change of Seasons Slowly

It heard the sound of March, literary the spring is around the corner though, the weather is still cold mostly so as my progress.  Having MBA on my CV is not - as I ilusioned before - a free ticket for new employment.  You still earn it.

I think - I'd better change my perception of myself from post-MBA student to unemployed to seasoned bud about to flower.  It's all depends on your perception how the world treats you.  Positive things fall on people who have positive mind.

I book that I have read recently said that our daily activities are controled mostly by our unconscious self.  In other words, our behaviours are reflected what we think "by hearts."  I like this concept.  So, just recently I have started in the bed closed my eyes before falling asleep, to say myself, "Muy bien (very good), Jun.  Tú puedes (you can do it)."  Well, I have already felt good!

Monday 16 February 2015

Serching Job is a Job

Some people thinks that if you are not working, or transitioning form one career to another, you are out of the social system.  Job is important, no doubt.  It provides resources (in this modern era it is money) and sometimes status.  But these aspects only occupy a part of life, albeit they are important.
Also, there are types of unemployment.  Some people cannot work because of physical or social reason.  For others, they do not want to work, or do not need to work.  But for those, who want to work and proactively looking for a job, job serching is a job.
It is not easy.  First of all, you need to be discipline by yourself.  Nobody orders you.  You are the boss.  You need to listen your inner voice, and cheer yourself up.  Your mobility would be restricted because of financial reason, so you need to be creative how to connect with people and stay sociable.  You may realise who are your real friends.
Some of the things that you may experienced when you are unenmloyed would not never been experienced when you work.  Work is not only something that you get paid but also something that you put a lot of energy to get better and to contribute for others.
Things will change.  Getting into mid-February, the days getting longer gradually.  The wind contains a bit of smell of spring.  Lured by a sunny afternoon weather, I went out for a jogging.  When using body, I only need to drift along my thoughts.
Akiya Beach - The ocean helps me from get away from daily concerns in the human world and gives me energy.

Monday 12 January 2015

Online Book

I bought a book for online book first time today.  I had thought to read a book online, I need to buy a special device such as kindle or iPad.  But there are alternative services that I could use my computer.  I installed software called Kinoppy provided by Kinokuniya.  I bought a text for NHK radio Spanish language course.  Yes, I am going to study Spanish by this new way!

Thursday 1 January 2015

Up the sky, down the human lights, the year has been turning.

I am heading to the south to charge energy.

I am going to be a person who follows my inner strenghs.

Whatever happens I don't lose my destnation.

This is who I am.

It's getting better.

It's getting better.