Sunday 31 July 2011

31-7-2011 SERVAS

"Servas is an international, non-governmental, multicultural peace association run by volunteers in over 100 countries. Founded in 1949 by Bob Luitweiler as a peace movement, Servas International is a non-profit organization working to build understanding, tolerance and world peace."  SERVAS Website

I like meeting people, especially when I travel.  Meeting new people in new place is fun and often eye-opening.  I am interested in larning different culture / way of thinking thorough people I meet.

When I travel abroad I use SERVAS, which provides oppotunities of exchanging information and friendship by hosting travellors.  It's a wonderful scheme to allow us, members to help each other, even we haven't met each other before.

I am now planning to visit several countries in Europe in late August, and am looking for meeting new people.


Tuesday 26 July 2011

26-7-2011 Travel Planning

People go travelling sometimes.  Everybody has different reason to travel.  Some of them travel for business, while others travel for vacation.  Whatever the reason, travel gives us chances to refrect our perspective on our daily life.  We usually have daily chores, in house and at work.  We do those routines almost automatically without thinking.  Getting out of this, travel let us re-evaluate our lifestyle.

In addition to that, travel gives us chances to meet new people.  These are great opportunities to learn different perspectives about our world.  Each person has different values.  By observing and talking to them we can broaden our way of thinking.  Furthermore, it's fun to talk to people you can along with, and those frendship may become your asset for your future.

Also, sometimes people need to forget things they don't like but is happening in their life.  Travel could give healing for these people.

At the company I am currently working, we are entitled five-day summer vacation.  This year, I decided to fully utilise this privilege and go travelling.  It's fun to make a travel plan, imagining to sit in a cafe in a city I have never been to, and making new friends.

I'll update things in this diary.