Thursday 27 November 2014

Can animals feel the same?

We often refer animals to express our feelings, sich as " I wish I could fly like a bird." or "She can swim like a fish." These expressios are called metaphore or simile.  They are tecniques of writing and they enriches our imagination.
Yesterday I saw a lovely activity of animals in a zoo in Japan.  Have you heard of Capybaras?  They are the biggest mouse spece with adorable round furry look, naturally inhabit near water in the Central and South America.  The animals became famous in Japan because of their daily rutine introduced by a zookeeper several years ago.
The region that Capybaras originally live is relatively warmer than Japan, and the animals had difficulty adjusting the cold winter weather in Japan.  One day, the zookeeper comes up an idea of presenting for those Capybaras with hot springs.  Thanks to the volcanic topography and rich water, hot springs are available almost any part of Japan and Japanese people enjoys bathing individually as well as publicly.  In deed it provides us good health as well as socialisation.
Actually, Capibarras likes the hot springs.  Then, with their sociable nature and lovely looks, the bating of Capybara soon became popular in Japan.  Since I saw these Capybara families in the hat water with their eyes almost closed with happiness, I had always wanted to see them.
I lost my mind and contemplated for a while when I saw them in a hand reach in the hot springs.  I was enjoying the good feelings transffered from the capybaras.