Thursday 31 March 2011


A short weekend trip to Singapore and Malaysia helped me to reframe the situation in Tokyo.


Saturday 26 March 2011


Off to Singapore.  Getting some break.  As you may all know, the situation in Japan is not so good at the moment.  I'll spend couple of days out of Japan to have more objective perspective on the current situation regarding Japan.


Monday 21 March 2011


There is a little progress on the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan.

The Daily Yomiuri posted an article yesterday - Foreign governments frustrated with Japan.  As you can imagine, people in Tokyo are extreamly stressed about the issue of nuclear station just about 200km north of the capital.

What makes me so frustrated, probably so as the foreign governments is that is that the insufficient information release of Japanese government.  It's very conservative and doesn't release the information on time.  That causes the needed aid from foreign countries won't be able to go ahead and eventually leading extra cautious reaction of non-Japanese residents.

This is basically contributed to the organisational structure especially common in traditional Japanese organisation such as public sector.  In those beaureaucratic organisation, each individual, even a department head or a director are given little responsibility to make a desision.  You need to ask many people for approval and it takes days and weeks to make a decision.

Also generally Japanese are encouraged not to make any mistakes.  So they are very precautious for making any mistakes.  That applied to this nuclear station's recovery operation too.  Even in this live or die situation.

We need every effort or help available but the Japanese traditional organisational practice may kill millions of lives.


Sunday 20 March 2011


Even in Tokyo, it's been so stressful, I can't imagine how hard for people in the area directly hit by the earthquake.

With radiation threat, which is said not dangerous in Tokyo, I am staying inside for most of the time for last one week.  I ususlly run about 30 minutes in the moning almost every day.  Not doing exercise is a huge cause of stress to me.


Saturday 19 March 2011


The situation is still very frustrating.

The firefighters risking therir own health start spreading water to the nuclear reactors which has been out of control since the devastating earthquake hit noethern Japan last week.  However radiation level doesn't reduce much.

Maybe because I'm not a science expert and don't know exactly what happening though, if you are said it is not the radiation level which doesn't affect your health SO FAR, it's frightning, isn't it.

I'm really puzzled these days.  Local sitizons try to act normal while international population try to leave the affected area.  Why?  Is it because of the diferent information source they access?  Or is it because of social mobility?  How can people in Tokyo be sure we are safe?

Huge negative uncertainty has been stressing people in Japan.  Very, very frustrating.

I wish the all the nuclear reactors stopped.  I wish.  I wish.  I wish.


Monday 14 March 2011


All of a sudden Japan got attention from all around the world since the devastation earthquake hit the nation last week.  I have received many encouraging comments from my friends from every continents.  Thank you all so much.

The jolts and tsunamis that engulfed tens of thousands of lives were scarely but other things following the initial impact are also hard.  Three days has past sinse the first earthquake but we are still having aftershooks and smaller tsunamis.  The nuclear power stations has been disfunctioned, that leaked radiation and forced many people near the stations evacuated.  Since the power shortage, we are having temporary blackout and fewer trains operated in Tokyo.  All the meetings and the events in the forseeable future was cancelled.  There is little food at spermarkets etc.

It is also a time that you can see the real nature of people.  What do you think when you are dying.  Will you think about your loved ones?  My place, Tokyo is relatively distant from the most affected area of this earthquake and some people returned to work today as nomal since it was Monday.  There are probaby lots of opinions and perspectives about thise reactions; they just kept themsalves sane, they were mentally tough, or they don't care much about people outside of their circle etc.

Good and bad, collectively people in this country is calm.  No riots or thievings.  Definately helping each other but only within the people they can see their face.  The things on the otherside of the screen can be easily an source of entertainment.  Donating money would be but not the only way of helping people.  There are things we could do, especially since we are in the country.

The United States, China, Singapore, Germany, Swizerland, Britain, France, Australia, South Korea, Tailand Poland, Russia and Taiwan has already sent rescue workers to Japan.  Military works are not only for killing people, they also could help people.  It's an true philansolophy.  I can't stop crying.


Friday 11 March 2011


A massive earthquake occured in Japan this afternoon.  The epicentre was off the Sanriku coast in the northern part of Japan.  I was working at my office in Tokyo when it happened and the jolt of the earthquake was the biggest I've ever had in my life.

After the initial quake, there are several tramors continued and we had to evacuate from the building to the football pitch nearby.  As it is used to be said, the earthquake itself wasn't so scary (it was in certain degree) but the harder part was the mess following the earthquake.  We had had to stay in the football pitch for more than one hour in freezing condition until the security in the building was confirmed.

It was reported all the trains, subways and highways were temporarily stopped.  Prime minister dicreared emergency and the TV continuously shows the damages of tsunami which at some coasts reached more than 10 meters and washed away ships and cars.  Several people lost lives.
I am fine and didn't hard any bad news from my family and friends.

Please take care for those who is suffering.


Sunday 6 March 2011


Over the weekend we renewed ICL compant website.  We din't have computer engeneer at the moment so it was really tough.  We had to start it form scruch.  It may be a very slow progress but we keep going.  One step at a time.


Friday 4 March 2011


Couple of days ago, I received an invitation for graduation celemony of my certificate I had completed form Victoria University, Australia last year.  Surprised me was, it won't be held in Australia but in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia later this month.   Mmm... I'm thinking of attending it.  I heard there is a low cost career that provides 5,000 yen ticket trip from Tokyo to KL.