Sunday 1 March 2015

Change of Seasons Slowly

It heard the sound of March, literary the spring is around the corner though, the weather is still cold mostly so as my progress.  Having MBA on my CV is not - as I ilusioned before - a free ticket for new employment.  You still earn it.

I think - I'd better change my perception of myself from post-MBA student to unemployed to seasoned bud about to flower.  It's all depends on your perception how the world treats you.  Positive things fall on people who have positive mind.

I book that I have read recently said that our daily activities are controled mostly by our unconscious self.  In other words, our behaviours are reflected what we think "by hearts."  I like this concept.  So, just recently I have started in the bed closed my eyes before falling asleep, to say myself, "Muy bien (very good), Jun.  Tú puedes (you can do it)."  Well, I have already felt good!