Monday 16 February 2015

Serching Job is a Job

Some people thinks that if you are not working, or transitioning form one career to another, you are out of the social system.  Job is important, no doubt.  It provides resources (in this modern era it is money) and sometimes status.  But these aspects only occupy a part of life, albeit they are important.
Also, there are types of unemployment.  Some people cannot work because of physical or social reason.  For others, they do not want to work, or do not need to work.  But for those, who want to work and proactively looking for a job, job serching is a job.
It is not easy.  First of all, you need to be discipline by yourself.  Nobody orders you.  You are the boss.  You need to listen your inner voice, and cheer yourself up.  Your mobility would be restricted because of financial reason, so you need to be creative how to connect with people and stay sociable.  You may realise who are your real friends.
Some of the things that you may experienced when you are unenmloyed would not never been experienced when you work.  Work is not only something that you get paid but also something that you put a lot of energy to get better and to contribute for others.
Things will change.  Getting into mid-February, the days getting longer gradually.  The wind contains a bit of smell of spring.  Lured by a sunny afternoon weather, I went out for a jogging.  When using body, I only need to drift along my thoughts.
Akiya Beach - The ocean helps me from get away from daily concerns in the human world and gives me energy.