Saturday 8 August 2015

8 August 2015

There is a morning glory at the park near the beach (which I mentioned in the previous blog).

It streaches bluish petals strongly in the morning as if it uses all the energy it has.  Some time only one flower blooms, and the other time many do.  Every time when when I pass the street by jogging, I think if I will see the flowers again tomorrow.
As the morning glory, we live each day.


Sunday 2 August 2015

2 August 2015

During summer, each weekend lots of people come to the beach near my house.  Beach houses, which serves food & drinks and provide shade and shower, appear only this time of the year.  Young men and women, children are under parasol, on flowters, expresse themselves in a space that is, prpbably, out of their normal daily life.  The scene look so shiny, full of fan but also nostalgic.
On a peripheral of the beach, there is a space separated by wall.  This is not a pribate house but a public park.  The park has a small maritime museum and gazebos, but nothing else which is spectaclular.  Becouse of that (?), there are few people.  Today I spent couple of hours on a table in a gazebo in this park, reading, writing and configurating thoughts.  The tranquility and the near-but-away-from-the-major-world feeling gave me a perfect state of peace in my mind.
I have been a person who can't follow the norm of the society.  I have been always looking for a space I can feel confortable.  That's OK.  If you can believe and if you are little creative, you can find the palce that accomodates you.
The summer is passing.