Sunday 2 August 2015

2 August 2015

During summer, each weekend lots of people come to the beach near my house.  Beach houses, which serves food & drinks and provide shade and shower, appear only this time of the year.  Young men and women, children are under parasol, on flowters, expresse themselves in a space that is, prpbably, out of their normal daily life.  The scene look so shiny, full of fan but also nostalgic.
On a peripheral of the beach, there is a space separated by wall.  This is not a pribate house but a public park.  The park has a small maritime museum and gazebos, but nothing else which is spectaclular.  Becouse of that (?), there are few people.  Today I spent couple of hours on a table in a gazebo in this park, reading, writing and configurating thoughts.  The tranquility and the near-but-away-from-the-major-world feeling gave me a perfect state of peace in my mind.
I have been a person who can't follow the norm of the society.  I have been always looking for a space I can feel confortable.  That's OK.  If you can believe and if you are little creative, you can find the palce that accomodates you.
The summer is passing.


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