Monday 20 July 2015

20 July 2015

The three-day weekend comes to an end.  I wasn's so active during this time.  It has been hot and sunny summer days, and people has been on leisure mood, so its better to avide these hustles and bustles.  In fact, I haven't taken rest fully, since I took my new job at the biggining of March.  I needed time to recover mentally na dphysically.  Lots of reading and some writing.  Sleeping, washing cloths and cleaning house too.  It's like I did nothing but everything I needed to prepare for the coming months.
In the evening I went to a small bar near the beach and took so wine.  People come to the beach from Tokyo for holiday.  I live here and commute Tokyo for work.  I like this lifestyle.  Not bad.  The owner of the bar called me, "Look, the sunset is so beautiful!"

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